Are you Hoarding or Stockpiling?

Are you a hoarder or a food stockpiler? You will find that it’s all in the eye of the beholder….the government’s eye not yours. Throw in an emergency, a economic depression, food shortages… you name the problem and suddenly your rights go flying out the window. Don’t worry when everything calms down the government will apologize (when the courts make them).

Here is a post that talks about how in the depression there was an executive order passed that allowed the government to force food sharing. As a reminder executive orders come out of the President’s office. That means it goes around the judicial branch and the congress. Easy to write and begin enforcing…harder for the other branches of government to catch up and stop it.

Guerrilla Hoarding

“The May 30, 1918, New York Times carried the headline, “Navy Man Indicted for Food Hoarding.” It reported on a man who had invested his wife’s inheritance in a year’s food for storage; and so they were held on a $3,000 bail each. The food was confiscated.”

Yes that happened a long time ago could that happen today? Would soldiers really go door to door? I would hope not, but FEMA and local authorities have shown a proclivity to ignore the laws in the midst of an emergency and saying sorry later.

N.O. Police Returning Guns Confiscated Post-Katrina

The police, FEMA and National Guard were confiscating guns. In many cases of legal owners of those weapons. Glen Beck had a video of an old lady getting her gun taken away from her by the authorities. Several days later she was robbed by gunpoint and I believe beaten. Great job authorities… you really helped that lady.

FEMA to confiscate food from local farms in emergencies?

What would you say if you got a phone call from FEMA… Excuse me but according to your Sam’s club card records we believe you have extra food stored in your home.
Those grocery cards are great and I use them…but they can track you. Really folks there is no way to dodge the tracking of your spending trends unless you garden, buy local and can your own.
hmmmm. I think I will be canning more. Saving more seeds. I finding more deals that don’t have to be attached to my grocery cards.
Just to be clear this is hoarding, a mental disorder perhaps grounded in untreated depression, physical inablity to clean their homes, etc.
Hoarders are not organized. Much of the material they keep is not useable. Many times hoarders keep items ‘ just in case’ or ‘if I find the right part it will work again’ etc… things that they will get back to someday.
I have been in several hoarders homes. One thing I see time and again is piles of newspapers, stacks of junk mail, boxes of or trash bags of clothes their children no longer fit ‘but maybe one day some one will need them’. Or I am saving up for a garage sale. For hoarders those days never come unless they get help, sincere, loving help.
Now to Stockpilers. These are people that have a plan, are organized and thoughtful about what they buy and where they put it.
To stockpile food does not take food from other people. It is my own money that I have scrimped and saved that buys this food. I completely believe that it is my property. Especially if your food stockpile is built up when there are no food shortages.
It is silly to say that my going to the grocery store, getting 2 extra boxes of pasta, and slowly over time building up a year’s worth of food for my family so I have a prudent pantry is hurting anyone. I am being wise with what the Lord has blessed me with.
The government needs to step back and allow us to be charitable and christian. I hope the government steps back now so people can begin to learn to do for themselves now while things are still pretty good. Yes, tough love might be called for.
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  1. Geriatric Doorgunner
    April 18, 2012 | 3:44 pm

    To expect the government(s) at any level to refrain from meddling in private emergency planning is to expect the fox to turn up his nose at fresh chicken. As “preppers” we are acknowledging our responsibility to family and community to survive any emergency situation. This is a God given responsibility concomitant with the God given rights acknowledged in the Constitution that congresscritters seem to think is their private urinal, and the Criminal Marxist Usurper in the White House is dedicated to destroying.

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