The #1 reason you MUST store up food!

In all the disasters and reasons that REQUIRE you to have a pantry stocked with at least three months worth of food (preferably one year or more) what is most likely to happen?


Whether that is from unemployment, your bank is seized by the FDIC, natural disaster, etc. The need for money is the most vulnerable point in the chain. If you have no money coming than how do you pay the bills, get food, get gas, pay for medicines?

Several years ago my husband left for work. He was back within the hour. We went from a middle income, suburbia household to an unemployed household that fast.

At first family, friends, and a local church gave us a hand with food but that stopped within a month. We were a large family even then. I am not saying our family left us high and dry but they had retirement issues of their own.

We bit our lip and asked the government to help. They started trying to sign us up for everything….. programs to help us parent better. Programs to have the kids talk with a nurse practitioner every month while we picked up a box of food they would give us. Programs to get me birth control since I had “such a large family” To get any assistance you also had to sign a paper saying you understand a social worker could show up at your door. You are allowed to refuse but that means you can no longer receive government help. I think you get the idea, EVERYTHING they had to offer had not strings but chains attached.

This period of unemployment lasted for a year and a half. A highly educated man was not able to take a lesser job. Hubby was often met with laughter at the idea of taking anything “beneath him” and the interviewer would not call back.

When hubby did get a job with benefits we went into the same government office that was trying desperately to sign us up for everything so “we could get back on our feet.” When we said gee we are back on our feet please stop ALL aid. The worker looked at us blankly.

She had to talk to her supervisor and eventually call upstairs to a higher up to find out how you voluntarily took a person off the various programs!

Having been there I know that you don’t want to be there! Have a savings in the bank and other places. Have durable clothing that can last several seasons or buy ahead if you have growing kids. Save as much long term food as you can.

Look at your life carefully, what would you do if tomorrow was the last time you got a paycheck. Then plan! Stocking your freezer, pantry, extra health care products, and clothing that can last should become a priority. It is better to rely on yourself to meet your family’s needs!

2 Responses to The #1 reason you MUST store up food!
  1. Julie cleeland
    March 29, 2011 | 2:02 am

    Very smart- not only to stock up just in case, but to have enough to help others in need when/ as times get tough. Im good about planning ahead(for foods, and meds). but never dawned on me to shop ahead for basic clothing for my family. Thank you for sharing:)

  2. Kimberly
    March 29, 2011 | 3:03 am

    This is very sage and timely advice. I’m wondering how it can be incorporated into a fulltime travelers lifestyle when space and weight interfere with stockpiling. Definitely something to think about. Thanks for sharing!

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