Back to School Couponing!

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You read that right! We are already to Back To School Sales time!

This week it looks like Staples, and Office Max have the best deals. Really there aren’t a lot of deals right now. This is just the first week. Go out and buy all the hooks you can and just enough to make the purchase minimum.

Hooks: these are items splashed across the front of flyers that are super low priced to ‘hook’ you into coming in the store to buy. The store takes a hit on the price but they are betting that you don’t have self control enough to walk in and get just the deal. This marketing gimmick is based on the assumption that most shoppers once through the doors buy the whole shopping list in one trip.

For example: at Staples you can get index cards for .01 cent IF you buy $5.00 total. There are several other items that sell for .01 cent with the same rules. Nice thing is you don’t have to purchase $5.00 per .01 cent item. You only have to purchase $5.oo worth of items total up to their limits.

The store is assuming you will grab more than the hooks and the bare minimum purchase. We savvy couponers however will not extend ourselves, at least not yet! Keep to the hooks and super low priced items.

We have several weeks more of super sales and refunds coming. There will be items that we need or want on our list that will just have to wait until we get a refund check or accreditation to our in-store card.

Here is my link to printable coupons. Some of the best deals will be in store sales doubled with coupons so keep your eyes open!


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