Making Gift Cards Stretch!



Making Gift Cards Stretch!

You have the world’s hardest person to buy for this Christmas. Get them a gift card. For some this may seem impersonal but for many it is the best way to send a gift. People don’t want to go through the trouble of returning an item and now that we have years of e-commerce under our belts a $50 gift card right after Christmas could be tripled in the right hands!

Gift cards are no longer the socks of the Christmas gifts. Lets enjoy and make the most of them.

You can make a single gift card deal stretch further if you time your buying right!

1) Grocery store sale- keep a close look out for grocery stores that sell gift cards. To entice you to come buy your cards from them they may add extra points to be used in the store, gas perks to knock money off your gas purchase, or an in store card of a smaller denomination to go with the larger gift card. Even if you aren’t going to give away a Sears gift card, if you buy the Sears gift card at the store you get the perks. Then take the gift card over to Sears and buy your gifts.

2) Double up deals for gift cards- When you buy a gift card from store A at $100 you get a $25 FREE gift card in addition to the first card. Such as Amazon is having a sale right now that allows you to buy a $50 gift card and get $10 free.
Buy $50 Amazon Gift Card and get $10 back DEAL!

3) Budget Helper! Think of gift cards as budget helpers. You can stay on budget much easier if you are using the money envelope method or gift cards. Either one has a set amount of money you can use then you are done. I like that especially for my teens that want to buy gifts on their own but don’t want to carry around cash.

Use gift cards to help you stay on budget, stretch the budget, and have a less stressed Christmas season!


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